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Communication through symbols, sign and speech


Communication, speech and language support


Bespoke, specialist communication consultancy


Communication support for parents, carers and professionals in meeting speech and language therapy targets

Sarah Wood, Level 1 Course - January 2022

This course was absolutely amazing. Alice is a great teacher. I have achieved stage one in Makaton and from knowing absolutely nothing, I can converse competently using signs and symbols. The language is very simple to understand and makes complete sense as most words relate to the hearing spoken word that we already know.

At the end of day 2 of the course I was able to understand a complete sentence! which was mind boggling.

Alice is a very considered tutor, enthusiastic and calm, it was an absolute pleasure to partake in this course and to meet like minded individuals. Thank you Alice.

Don’t put off learning to widen your ability to communicate differently, the course is brilliant value for money.

Fiona Swanson, Level 1 Course - January 2022

I really enjoyed the pace and delivery of the course.  Our tutor, Alice, was excellent.  The course was very practical and I was impressed with how much we covered.  Alice managed to give us individual attention and support.

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Enable, Nurture, Communicate, Flourish

Enabling Communication

Some children and adults find it difficult to communicate.  At Nurture Communication we work to break down barriers, build confidence and enable communication

Bespoke Consultancy

We recognise that everyone is an individual and has their own needs.  That's why we offer bespoke consultancy tailored to the individuals requirements helping them to engage, grow and flourish


With many years experience in education here at Nurture Communication we are passionate about delivering training to allow you to continue helping others to flourish

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