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Communication support for schools and families

I offer communication support for parents, carers and professionals in meeting speech and language therapy targets. I offer communication intervention either in school or at home to children that have communication difficulties. I can deliver personalised programmes that work on the child’s communication needs following a formal assessment from a Speech and Language Therapist.  Often SALT reports are written and parents/carers and schools need further support in meeting the targets. I can offer this support for children and schools.

I can deliver tailor made communication therapy sessions for children that include:

  • Targeted speech sound intervention

  • 1:1 or family Makaton sessions

  • Social Communication sessions

  • Sessions to support receptive language such as Language Steps and Barrier Games

  • Sessions to support expressive language such as colourful semantics, Blanks questions, Lego Therapy and other language development workshops


Each of these therapies can only be delivered following a SALT assessment and report (not offered by this service). 


I can work with your child at your home or in their educational setting on a one to one basis charged at £45 per hour.  This includes all resources and planning for the session being delivered. I am happy to work in school settings with and advise teachers/teaching assistants on how to support the speech and language targets.

Please contact me to find out more and discuss your requirements

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